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China-Belarus Industrial Park connects Euro-Asian economies

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China-Belarus Industrial Park connects Euro-Asian economies

The construction of the 3.5-square-kilometer China-Belarus Industrial Park is almost complete in Belarus, Li Haixin, the manager of the park revealed during a press conference held in Minsk, capital of Belarus on Dec. 2.

The first phase of the industrial park, equipped with four-lane highways extending as long as 11 kilometers, underground sewage pipelines and electric and telecommunication wires, will open to a number of Chinese enterprises including ZTE Corporation and Huawei.

"Since the election of Alexander G. Lukashenko as its first president in 1994, Belarus is one of the few former members of the Soviet Union to maintain political stability," Cui Qiming, the Chinese ambassador to Belarus said through his interview with

"Moreover, it has sustained social stability with low crime rates and a small wealth gap of approximately 0.28 of Gini coefficient," Cui continued.

As one of the countries that show friendly gestures to China, Belarus has by no means taken China's rise as an impending threat. On the contrary, the country is expecting to partner with China by joining the Belt and Road Initiative. It has also set up Confucius Institutes and has made Chinese a subject of the country's Higher Education Entrance Exam, Cui introduced.

In June, 2012, Lukashenko has created one of the most investor-friendly environments by offering a 10-year-free-tax policy for enterprises registered in the park and promising a 50-percent tax cut in the next 10 years. Furthermore, the land that they have rented can be privatized for as long as 99 years.

The industrial park, when completed, is expected to increase the connectivity among Eurasian countries and sell products free of customs duties to countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, with a combined total population of 170 million.

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